What is the best Magento 2 theme for fashion store?

  1. There is no "best". It is design. It's a matter of taste...
  2. You may take some template as a basis. But you should customize it. And I'm not taking about logo or colors. It's about style, feelings, about brand, about shopping experience and about increasing revenue!
Your fashion ecommerce website design is about how your customers will interact with your brand. It is how your users will surfe your website, choose products, read description, shopping the look, how them will "try" your stuff on in mind.
You should remember that in fashion ecommerce you sell not only apparel or accessories - you sell emotions. Analytic tells that the most of purchases in ecommerce fashion industry are made spontaneously and due to emotions users feel during your website surfing.

There are a lot of other issues in fashion ecommerce store you should take into account! For example
  • How are you going to vary new collections in your main page or product feed?
  • Will you have "shop the look" feature?
  • What about Zoom-in feature? Or 360-degree product images ?
  • Are you going to integrate cross-selling functionality or related products?
  • And up-sell ?
  • Personalization, ah?
Success of your business and increase of revenue is much more above the template choosing.
Though you've already chosen Magento platform for your fashion store, I still recommend you to reference these templates: 

If you need some help with your Magento store establishment or some sort of ecommerce consulting fell free to reach me out HERE.


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