Social Login Magento 2 by MGS

A lot of information required when creating a new account may discourage Customers from doing so on your site. Why don’t you enable them to log in by their social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google? With our Social Login extension, Customers just need to click on the preferred account button, then enter their username and password!

Social login in Magento 2 by MGS allows visitors to login your website via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts. Just forget about filling out registration or signup form and waiting to be verified (by email or phone) everytime users purchase items on an online shop. What happens if login details are lost one day? Fortunately MGS Social login extension leverages your login interface more user-friendly and helps your customers approach to your site quicker. Certainly, MGS social login extension brings in mutual benefits for both sellers and buyers

Social login extension just pulls over the customers who hesitate to fill in the registration forms to access your site, it lets your customers to sign in with a single click. Social Login extension supports social media logins for Google, Facebook and Twitter efficiently. With Social login Magento 2 option in your website, you can impel your customers to log in to your site and purchase any product in the checkout page with ease. 

The extension was designed from the ground up using the latest technology advances and incorporating best practices. It was developed from scratch and has absolutely no dependence, such as jQuery or other. So in result, you receive an extremely well optimized product, that does not conflict with any other modules and works out of the box. Another great feature is that the extension has embedded social apps for all the networks included, so you have the option not to spend a lot of precious time on creating your own apps. Just install and enjoy.


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