Blog for Magento 2 by MGS

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a website without blog, a powerful tool which helps inform your customers about whatever you want – news, discounts, sales, new products, events, etc. Especially if it’s SEO-friendly, blog influences search engines rankings.

Magento 2.0 Blog extension is a powerful extension for blogging in Magento stores. It allows you to create responsive posts using thumbnails, images, videos and other tools to make you blog informative and interesting to your customers. Share buttons will help you to attract new readers and prospects via social media. The extension has intuitive interface and is easy customizable in spite of such a variety of options.

Blog for Magento 2 is one of the best SEO-friendly solution you have ever met. With this Magento module, you can be sure that your blog will work for you and bring new potential customers to your store from different search engines.

Moreover, our Blog extension is social-networks-friendly. So you don’t need any additional tools to allow your customers to share your posts in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else.

The extension allows sending admin notification emails about new comments and publishing of scheduled posts. If a customer subscribed to getting notifications of comments to a post, he/she will also receive emails.

This is one of our amazing Magento extensions for blogging on your site. It lets you to bring your visitor the latest information in professional way so that you can engage and attract a large number of target audience.


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