Magento Advance Contact Form - $0,00 You Will Never Regret

Every Magento store includes a simple built-in contact form that unfortunately cannot be easily modified in the back-end. That's why we created Magento Advanced Contact Form: an amazingly feature-rich extension that enables you to create as many custom forms as you want, without any coding experience required!

With its simple drag & drop form builder, wide selection of form fields, beautiful front-end themes and many other design and display options, you can easily create virtually any type of contact form, such as a sales inquiry form, RMA or quotation form, customer satisfaction survey and much more. Continue reading to find out all about our extension's features!

With our extension's user-friendly form builder, anyone can create advanced contact forms quickly and with ease! Simply drag and drop the desired form fields into the Contact Form area and configure the field's content and settings in a handy pop-over.

The wide selection of form components includes everything you need to customize your form according to your own specific needs. Choose from a variety of input and selection fields, radios and checkboxes, date and time pickers, buttons and text elements, a file upload field!

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