Banner Magento Extension For Your Ecommerce Store

Advertising is to marketing as soul is to body. This mantra holds true even today in the digital marketing age. If you are running a Magento-based web store, you would love to make the most out of it, and advertising is just another tool you can use for your advantage.

Advertisement is not only about placing ads on external websites. It is also about doing product promotion on your own website too. The best place to advertise a product is in the top part of a website.

Using a banner is a great idea if you are placing product advertisements in the the top fold of the website. Banner allows you to display more than one products in a presentation-like format.

Standard Magento CMS functionality doesn’t allow creation of banners according to specific conditions, that’s why sometimes it’s just impossible to display ads to relevant target audience. The banner extension comes to the rescue. Display banners with special offers, which are highly relevant for customers' situations. Banners will stimulate customers to buy more products and increase your income.

Due to Magento 2 banner extension you can make specials more relevant with the list of promoted products added to your HTML-, cms-block- or image banner. Customers will get much more involved in the shopping process choosing the very free or discounted item they prefer.

Easy-to-use Magento banner manager enables you to show product list banners on product or category pages to stimulate customers add items to cart.

When you offer a deal for a particular product or a group of products, it is necessary to display a banner in Magento right on the pages of these products to increase conversion rate. With this banner Magento 2 extension you can display banners based on product attributes.


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