Image Upload Extension By MGS

Let customers easily upload images for products and provide real-life examples of product usage. Let them take active part in the life of your business and benefit from it! If you want to run a user generated photo campaign across multiple platforms and social channels, Magento Product Images Promotion can help you accomplish it in no time.

This extension displays your collected photos in a highly customizable gallery that can be embedded anywhere. Show captions, authors, and provide direct shareable urls to individual photos. Optionally setup voting on your submissions. Use voting security options like geo restrictions, captcha protection, one vote per ip address and facebook user, maximum votes per photo and more.

Publish Anywhere

  •  On Mobile
  •  On Websites
  •  On Blogs
  •  On Facebook Tabs
  •  In Popups
  •  As Landing Pages

Promote Anywhere

  •  Post to Social Sites
  •  Email Campaigns
  •  Mobile Apps
  •  Websites, Local, & Blogs
  •  Integrated Facebook Ads
  •  Track Performance by Channel

Track Performance

  •  Visitor Metrics
  •  Social Actions Tracking
  •  Custom Source Tracking
  •  Viral vs Direct Attribution
  •  Google Analytics Support
  •  Facebook Pixels
Magento Product Images Promotion is very useful and meaningful for your magento website. It is an excellent Magento Extension which allows you to apply for a broad range of purposes, not only the picture contest but also other products. Having this extension, you are able to: 
  • Create more interaction between customers and your website by opening a pictures contest for users, which will attract a lot of visitors to become members and get benefit from your site. 
  • Allow users to post products they buy/ view on your site to their Facebook profile. Other facebook users will have chance to write comments on the product, which definitely promote your products much better than any other marketing solutions.  
  • Allow users to post whichever products, images,... they like and you in return will get a hint of the current trend. You can see which products are receiving most interest temporarily. So, you will have critical trading strategy on your range of products to be sold on your site. 
  • Decide and create promotion campaign for your products and customers based on the results of pictures contest.

So, Magento Product promotion extension is tailored for your product marketing services and you will find it a sensible assistant for your business. We believe this extension inspires a lot of ideas for various purposes on the services you are providing and selling.

With this Product images extension, customers are easy to upload and resize their pictures. They can also update contents for picture introduction to attract other users to vote/Like by Facebook/ add comments. Relying on the results, administrator will announce winner of the contest and send coupon code to the winner who can use the coupon code to buy the products on the main site and recieve incentives on price.

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